How we gather information is a very crucial process to archive, witness or record any sorts of historical, Geo political, Geo economical information or in this regard of data collecting.  It is not a very easy process.   This process requires several steps and layers to gather accurate data and close examination of its authenticity.

Throughout the history of many countries, we have seen newborn countries at her infancy is most likely a vulnerable period of its information collection and archival period. Even though various scholars have opinioned their voice “Losers never write the history”- well, it is a never ending on going debate. One thing is well recognized throughout the world is recording or falsifying or preserving “biased history/information” might benefits a small group of people in a short term. Moreover   those preserved “biased history/information” returns back to take a bite out of their tails those falsified the history and information. No doubt in a very interesting way History and information find their way to be purified.

History and information is an ever-changing gradual process.  They change their courses in their own fashion. I would say around the evolution of a “Mass”.  And combination of Various “Mass’s” information/history become a full package a National History /heritage. More we include or acquire those Subcultural information/history more we become reach at our national history.

Unfortunately, for various type of past governance process   of our country , failed severely to facilitate proper procedure and method of preserving or acquiring history of our Subcultural   and cultures. Still now we do not have any proper Archival system of any sort. It is sad we still depend on British “Kacari” or “MohafezKhana”.  Every now and then Bangla Academy or “ Pura  totto” department conducts some kind of archival effort, which is nothing but a armature “ filed  trip” for University Students.

 No way, in a blue moon, a trip for 15 days in Haor conducted by Students staying in a “haor Bangalw” will serve the purpose of preserving Haor information/history.

 Gathering solid unbiased information requires engagements of Locals, field/physical    presence at the place for a long term; careful observation of locals and finding the very fragile link to and from one brunch of the information to others. Sorting the data in order and finding the” missing link” between other habitats is very important.

Good news is, every Subculture tries to preserve and sustain its own cultural heritage “naturally” as long as they can. But bad news is, no one from the upper commend could care more or less in this regard. So, what we are left out with?

Few years back a group of brave Haor Souls attempted a   great triumph. They started a regional Haor archival /informational portal known as www.   just to preserve, promote Haor culture, History, tradition and different sets of Haor values.

How much we can archive? We do not know. But we are practicing gathering the data and information following best scientific way possible. At least we strongly believe we are ready to answer to our next generation – We tried.

I am darn proud to be a comrade of this group and glade to work with fellow brave hearts.

Congratulations!!!  Let’s keep up the good work.